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Benefits of Having an Electric Treadmill at Home

The awareness towards the benefits of exercising has been increasing. People know and are more aware now towards the importance of exercising and the impact without exercising. Thus, today, many are going all out on workouts whether on a smaller or a bigger scale. Consequently, we get to see lots and lots of home exercise equipment mushrooming today. This is due to the fact that although people are aware of the importance of exercising, they are however still bound with work and other daily activities that leave them with limited time. Thus, home exercise becomes a favorite exercise options.

There are a variety of home exercise equipment, such as abs equipment, exercise balls, exercise bikes, yoga equipment, elliptical trainer, treadmills, exercise bands and etc in the market today for us to choose. The most common and family-friendly would be the treadmills series. Most would prefer the electric or motorized treadmill that is less straining where manual treadmill requires one to pull the belt using their own footsteps.

Electric Treadmill For Home Use

I would prefer to buy an electric or a motorized treadmill as well compared to other home exercise equipment. One main reason is that an electric treadmill is easier to use and it is suitable for the whole family. I guess everyone who is physically whole have no problem with running, jogging or walking. With an electric treadmill, we could set the speed to one that suits us, according to our individual body fitness and preference. Thus, everyone could use it without having to worry that it might be too heavy, or too fast, or require certain specific skill or knowledge.

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Apart from that, I would also choose an electric treadmill as my home exercise equipment as the workout done on a treadmill is more whole than most of the home exercise equipment that focus on parts of the body. For example, dumbbells are for building biceps muscles, abs equipment are for the abs and etc. With running being the basic workout on a treadmill, I could work the whole body, although more strain goes the feet. Anyway, an electric treadmill would be the more ‘wholesome’ equipment as compared to the rest.

In addition, with an electric treadmill, the workouts can be set according to the physical fitness and heart beat. Therefore, I would not have to worry as when I do running or jogging in the field that I might run too fast or too long or not enough for me. I would be guided with the help of workout buttons on the treadmill.

Owning an electric treadmill at home makes workout more convenient. I do not need to worry about the weather or having no company when going for jogging in the field. I do not need to worry about showing off the imperfect body or less professional workout approach to a bunch of strangers in the gym. I could workout at my own ease and relaxed mode at home with the pleasure of a roof (no worries about weather) and perhaps some entertainment (music or TV) having no worries about no company to join for the workout.

Therefore, when choosing to own home exercise equipment, I would prefer the electric treadmill that gives me a more ‘wholesome’ workout, that gives me the pleasure of doing workout at ease and relaxed at home with no worries of weather or embarrassment.

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Should You Buy an Electric Treadmill?

Once you have made the decision to purchase an electrical powered treadmill, there are a few points to consider. The motor must be a minimum of 1.5 horse power and be suitable for people weighing up to 18 stones, or 252 pounds. For those who are heavier, a bigger motor is necessary, as the higher the horse power, the more efficiently it will operate. The speed range will depend on individual fitness levels. A walker will need one that runs at least 0-6 mph. Most people use a treadmill with a 1-10 mph range, and for the more serious runner, a range of 6-12 mph is more suitable. The incline range should be a minimum of 0-10% power incline. Most treadmills offer electronic data, such as distance, time, and speed displays. Also available are treadmills with pre-set workouts that target specific goals. Depending on the size of your budget, higher end treadmills can record workouts and include heart rate programmers. A one year warranty is necessary, and you’ll need to choose a brand that offers a good belt thickness, shock absorption and running surface length.

In conclusion, investing in an electric treadmill is the best option for those on a path to better fitness.