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Killiney - Urban Decay And Graffiti


About twice every year  I visit this location on Killiney beach to check out the graffiti and sadly it appears that the quality of the current work is not as good as it was a few years ago and some items that I really liked have totally vanished (of course, that is to be expected).

Until today I thought that this building had something to do with boating or the fishing industry but today I met an 85 year old gentleman who told me that it was in fact the location of very popular "tea rooms" and that he remembers being brought there on a school trip (I was a bit to surprised to learn that children were brought on school trips 75 years ago). On checking I discovered that he was correct: "Developers, Declan O’Regan, Kieran Tarbett, and Ross Cahill O’Brien have submitted a proposal to restore the tea rooms on Killiney beach to their original state. They wish to retain the character of the buildings and reinstate their former use as a café which will also act as a gallery, exhibition space and venue."

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